Products & Services

Plastic Part Design
Drawing from our years of experience in the plastics field, we are able to convert your ideas, sketches, or drawings into 3D designs suitable for molding. A good part design can provide returns in lower tooling costs, lower costs per piece, and a higher quality end product.

Mold Design
Mold design process begins with the customer parts. They can start as 2D drawings, 3D models, or even the actual parts themselves. We can work with many native CAD formats: DXF, DWG, SolidWorks, Pro/E. We can also accept work created in many other formats as well: IGES, STP, ACIS, VDA, Parasolid, Inventor, and SolidEdge. The majority of our mold design work is accomplished using SolidWorks. Finished designs are provided for our customers via eDrawings or other format that they prefer.

Production Molds
We manufacture production molds for many different industries. Medical, electronics, small engine, and consumer electronics are just a few. We manufacture production molds of all types (MUD inserts, self contained, three plate, and stripper plate) and materials (P20, S7, H13, Stainless Steel, MoldMAX, Aluminum, Ampco). We are able to provide any one of several different gating methods to satisfy our customerís needs. Tab or tunnel gates, hot sprue busing or valve gate, or multi drop hot manifolds are all options. Multi cavity, family molds, unscrewing molds, interchangeable cores/cavities, multiple top or bottom halves are only a few of the design variations that we have produced. Every application is unique and requires a specific solution to provide the customer with the highest degree of quality and value.

Prototype Molds
We provide prototype molds for customers at their request. Materials for mold construction are either steel or aluminum. Because of the unique nature of prototype molds, the delivery, design, and any special functions or limitations are outlined at the beginning of the project.

Silicone Molds
We mainly produce silicone molds for the medical field and are familiar with the special needs required in this area. The complex geometry and tight tolerances combined with the need to eliminate flash along parting lines creates some of the greatest challenges to us as mold builders.

Graphite Electrode Machining
We provide custom graphite electrode design and milling. We use either Surfcam or WorkNC to calculate tool paths from the CAD data supplied by the customer. The electrodes are then cut on either our two graphite mills. Both graphite mills are setup to handle both the 3R Macro system for pallets and the 3R Micro system with 20mm stems. Graphite choice is based upon the application or customer request.

Custom Machining
We also offer custom machining on an hourly or job basis. We are able to offer 4 axis wire EDM, plunge (sinker) EDM, and high speed machining services. Our lineup or Makino, OKK, GE Fanuc, and Hurco equipment is sized to handle almost any job large or small.